Delivery Expectations

The Woodsounds Family is so excited to have you breath music through your new Woodsounds flute! Thank you so much for your order.

Our top priority is always quality. From the construction, to the finish, to the art, and, most importantly, to the sound. True quality does take time. That being said, our second priority is getting the flute to you ASAP.

We are a small custom shop. When someone is sick, a piece of equipment breaks or some other upset happens, the time to create your flute is impacted. Currently we are projecting 15 to 20 weeks. This is not a promise. It is what we are aiming for. What we can promise you is that we are dedicated to creating your wonderful high quality instrument as quickly as we can.

If you have a question about the status of your flute, please reach out to Julia at or call at (888)803-5889 and press #2.

In 2009 Woodsounds built a custom integrated website and database that that manages our inventories, our client relations data, and production schedule. Though it is a powerful tool, it is getting outdated and we are looking into creating it’s upgrade. Over the years we have seen the database loose data, e.i. orders, from time to time. It is rare and last year was around 1% of orders.

If you are worried we have forgotten about you, or rather that the database infromation was lost, please reach out. If you happen to be one of that lost percentage, we will be so grateful for your communication. Our purpose is fullfilled when you are breathing music through your new flute.