Signature Flutes

Suzanne Teng

 Pitch   Price  Sound File
High C  $2070 Plain
  • Flute Wood: Nigerian Ebony

  • Inlay Materials: Red Coral and Silver

  • Totem Materials: Color enhanced Box Elder Burl, Nigerian Ebony, and Ruby CZs

  • Feather Set: 1700‘s paddle bead made in Africa and Peacock Feathers

Two years ago, Suzanne Teng and I began talking about a signature flute. Suzanne wanted a flute that honored the Native cultures and also honored her own Chinese culture. The black of the Ebony provides an excellent canvas on which the Coral and Silver is inlaid.

Ebony has a powerful yet warm tone. Incredible projection without the piercing sound that can happen on some high flutes. This is a flute meant to be performed outdoors or indoors. In the living-room or at the worlds finest stage. Or weather making videos or recordings. This is the flute you will want to play.

We created the first of the Signature Flutes for the Summer Solstice Flute School. I liked the flute when we made it, but felt we had not yet hit upon the "right" design. As it turned out we made just a couple of modest changes by adding silver inlays and by replacing wood inlays with Red Coral. What an incredible POP the flute now has.

Suzanne Teng had her music on a number of Yoga CDs back in the early 2000s. My wife Julia happened to have one of these CDs and it was her favorite to teach with. Her favorite song on the CD was Katyia´s Dance. Of course this was a Suzanne Teng piece.

In 2005 Julia and I attended the Musical Echoes festival in Fort Walton Beach Florida. Julia was talking with a client when all the sudden she froze. Then whipped her head towards the satge. "That's Katyia's Dance from my Yoga CD!", she exclaimed. Ever so present, "What?" I said, in a rather long drawn drawl. She grabbed my hand an ran me towards the stage. Just so you know, this is the only time in our 30 years of marriage that Julia has been so excited to meet someone. Suffice to say Julia was over the top excited when we met Suzanne and Gilbert for dinner. What a joy it is to be able to call them friends.